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Mary's Mantle Packet for Sacramental Marriage

$ 14.00

Mary's Mantle Packet of Beautiful Card and cloth Mantle for use in creating a spiritual bouquet for Brides or Convalidating Couples, and Consecration of Husband and Wife to Our Lady. Mary’s Mantle is an exciting parish ministry of intercession to Our Lady of Guadalupe for each couple marrying in your Parish. It offers greater intentionality, all with the hope of creating a very personal connection between couples preparing for Sacramental Marriage and the Parish community in which their wedding will take place. The beautiful Wedding Card has hand-painted gold rays and inset rhinestones in center of each star with a lovely message for the bride, an explanation of the cloth Mantle as a symbol of the spiritual prayer bouquet that has been said for her, and a Prayer of Consecration that can be used by the Bride and Groom before the Blessed Mother on the Day of their wedding. The Cloth Mantle is made from bamboo jersey fabric and is prepared by hand with hand-painted gold stars throughout. 

Available in English and Spanish.

Quantity Discount: 10+: $10 each

Click to view inside of English First Time Marriage Card (Blue Mantle & Card)

Click to view inside of English Marriage Convalidation Card (Teal Mantle & Card)